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Fadel: May Christmas be an opportunity to underpin the stability in Tripoli
Published on 24/12/2013

MP Robert Fadel considered that the Christmas festivities that took place in Tripoli have indisputably proved that the city is the Capital of the North and a city of openness, coexistence and civil peace. He noted that through these events, Al Faihaa has refuted all allegations against it, and has revealed its true culture, traditions and diversified social fabric that transcends all the miseries and calamities the City suffers from.

Wishing a happy Christmas to the Lebanese in general and the Christians in particular, Fadel said in a statement: the Christmas festivities in Tripoli have created an opportunity for its citizens to gather, regardless of their political or confessional views; an opportunity that we hope would pave the way to a new birth of Tripoli, this city that has lots of potential, looks forward to living in dignity, security and peace of mind and aspires to turn the page of violence once for all.  


Fadel added: The incidents that Tripoli is witnessing do not concern only one community, or political party. What is happening in the city concerns each and every component of Tripoli and affects the security, economy, business and reputation of each and everyone. This is why we have to join hands to overcome these obstacles. We need to put our conflicts, interests and profits aside and place the ultimate interest of Tripoli above all, because the interest of the city is ours as well.   


Fadel concluded: We hope that the New Year would bring security, peace and prosperity to Tripoli. Previous experiences have shown that when there is a decision of truce, things in the city go smooth, so we must all work to reinforce this decision and to support the implementation of the security plan, in order to enhance the stability of our city, maintain its security and protect the citizens who are fed up of rounds of violence, and are looking forward to be protected by the State to feel part of this country..