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Fadel donates his salary to fight poverty in Tripoli
Published on 07/11/2014

Fadel donates his salary tofight poverty in Tripoli


MP Robert Fadel announced thathe will donate his monthly salaryfrom the parliament in order to fightextreme poverty in Tripoli.

Fadel said in a statement: the eradication of extreme poverty in Lebanonin general constitutes the axial pointof my work, in terms of establishment of productiveprojects, job creation andpoverty reduction which now poses a direct threat to the civil peace, as well as its serious social and humanitarian repercussions,especially in light of the delicate and difficult circumstances we are going through.

I already submitted to the Parliament a draft law that aims to eradicate poverty in Lebanon through aspecific mechanism that contributes to the support of the poorest familiesand turn them into productive andactive families.

Since Tripoli is currently one of the poorestcities on the Mediterranean coast, according to reports from international organizations, and it suffered grievously from thesecurity turmoil which we hope are goneforever, so I decided to give my monthlysalary from the parliament in order to fight extreme poverty in my hometown Tripoli.