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June 25 Call for Action
Published on 25/06/2015
In a region where history may witness a fatal turn towards disintegration and chaos, where people are swinging between life and death on a daily basis, Lebanon is still holding on a thin line between hope and despair.

Commitment to a relative stability, to the founding national principles and national entente nourish the hope of preserving our entity and balance amidst the neighboring storms; while paralysis, wreckage of constitutional institutions, obstruction to production and political dancing on the edge of the volcano only double the fear and frustration of destroying the future.

Because politics should be concerned with protecting existence in the present, in order to ensure development and continuity in the future,

Because economy is nothing but the essence of politics, and because politics must be at the service of the economy and the interests of citizens and their dignity.

Because there is no value for politics that are limited to the game of struggle over power and do not revolve around production and production forces,
Because no power is granted away from people and their concerns, or on the ruins of the State and public order, Because the State has become a disabled and disabling ghost with decisions divided internally and externally and whose institutions are dependent on the internal deficit waiting for some external miracle,

Because the State is the guarantor of a free, prosperous and diversified community and a framework for coexistence, Because the only immunity against these transformations is the will to live under the roof of a unified State, And because political disability leads to an increased financial deficit, the incapacity of fighting unemployment and migration and therefore failure to cope with the era,

Avoiding to be taken by surprise by delayed matters related to growth, reconstruction, loans and decisions,
In order not to be distressed by the deferred growth, reconstruction, loans and decisions,
And in order for Lebanon not to become a shelter for the displaced, the refugees, and a factory exporting competencies, yet exporting the Lebanese,
For all the above, production forces, workers, employers, unions and free professions, NGOs and civil society have met to warn against the current vacuum that may transform into a permanent trap, asphyxiating all hopes of economic, social and national renaissance.

Lebanese people are called to write a new unified reality, drafted by their own political and national will; a reality that will only see light within the frame of and through the State. Our nation can only live up to the future through the constitution and institutions, the first of which being the Presidency of the Republic, symbol of unity, sovereignty and dignity.

The working community is calling for a change to replace the quarrel over power with a competition within the nation and the State for prioritizing coexistence over dispute and for backing up reconciliation with life and economic interests.

Thus, these forces united refuse to submit to this reality or to give up to laxity and slow death.
And because they are entrusted with the livelihood of people, and with the joints of the economy and growth, they commit to facing the attitude of slaughter, suicide and passive waiting, and call every Lebanese to support them in lobbying to revive the institutions, namely the Presidency of the Republic, and thus the natural life cycle. He who doesn’t evolve, deadly regresses.

Let us go on with our life and start improving, developing and progressing...

Let us write our history so that history does not write us off.

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