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Robert Fadel: Tripoli is with the State… And turmoil is a mass suicide
Published on 11/12/2013

MP Robert Fadel called Tripoli leaders, officials and citizens for serious cooperation in order to reinforce the security plan, considering it as the last chance of stability in the city. He also stressed the need to put Tripoli’s interest before any other, because, he said, what is happening in the capital of the North started to destroy the City’s diversity and role and to threaten its social and economic entity, jeopardizing the lives of more than half million Lebanese living in Tripoli.


Fadel said in a statement: “The incidents taking place in Tripoli can no longer be tolerated; especially that security turmoil is spreading to other parts of the city, and almost turning into a confrontation with the Lebanese army, which is completely unacceptable. Any clash with the Army is a suicide for all parties, he said, and those attempting to lead Tripoli citizens to a confrontation with the Army are trying to destroy the city and displace its people, and this is a danger that everyone should be aware of, because one cannot predict how such situation will end and what disastrous results it may bring”.


Stressing that Tripoli was and still is with the State despite its neglect, Fadel said that the City wants to be under the State’s protection, stressing everyone’s determination to pursue those who are behind the twin bombings that targeted al-Salam and al-Taqwa mosques, and calling on the judiciary to speed up the investigation and arrest those involved, as well as all security violators.


Moreover, Fadel summoned Tripoli citizens to benefit from the results of the security plan to further develop their city, and to activate its economy and trade on the eve of the holidays, calling on the citizens of the neighboring districts to return to their capital, which will remain the second capital of Lebanon, and the city that embraces all the citizens of the North.