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Fadel sponsors “Bader” workshop for creating job opportunities: Let’s get away from tensions and address more people’s concerns
Published on 16/09/2010

Commenting on the political atmosphere in Lebanon, MP Robert Fadel called “Politicians to get away from tensions, and to address more people’s concerns, in line with the headlines of the National Unity Government; this way, Lebanon would be at its best. He said: “We cannot forbid anybody from expressing his point of view and taking specific stands regarding the current situation, but, in my opinion, it would be better to focus on the concerns and needs of people to improve their conditions.”

He added that the “country is going through a new era, after the five years we’ve been through; this era started with the visit of the Prime Minister to Syria. The birth of this era might certainly not be easy; nonetheless, if the relation between the two countries is healthy, as it shows, this would positively affect the stability of the country.

Fadel considered that the “stand of the President of the Republic was right vis-a-vis the latest events. At the end of the day, the State institutions should continue to function and assaulting them is a taboo. But, as clearly shown in the last period, there are no taboos and some people unfortunately are going beyond the bounds; we consider that this is in nobody’s interest because, at the end of the day, we will all sit to the same table to find solutions. Therefore, where would this disagreement of speech, data and debates lead to while the country is in dire need of stability and of taking care of the people’s affairs. But, it seems that some people are negatively affected by stability and strive to make the situation worse.”

On another note, Fadel sponsored the workshop that is organized by “Bader” association in the context of the strive to create job opportunities and support small and medium enterprises. That workshop was hosted by “BIAT” at the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Tripoli.

The Financial Manager at the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, Toufic Dabbousi, gave a speech at the opening ceremony in which he noted that “it is economically and socially healthy to see that politicians take economy as a starting point and work on keeping it; it is good to see them strive to put the youth on the road to success, as is the case with our young Minister Robert Fadel, sponsor of “Bader” that works on securing job opportunities and supporting small and medium enterprises which are the backbone of the middle class.”

He added: “In this strive we see a serious contribution to reviving the wheel of the economy and maintaining productivity based on efforts and fight for a decent life under the umbrella of a social solidarity that has always been witnessed in Tripoli. This has always been mirrored in the sense of responsibility towards the society and in the surge of Al Faiha’ leaderships towards public work; this involves an attempt to reach a comprehensive social upgrade. He wished, in the name of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Tripoli, to intensify these advanced initiatives, and to see young people get out of the circle of unemployment, despair and frustration and to head to spaces of work, productivity and work.”

As for the manager of “BIAT”, Mr. Fawwaz Hamidi, he welcomed MP Fadel, the attendees and the participants and said: “We value the initiative of Bader that organizes this workshop in Tripoli, supported and escorted by MP Fadel, in order to develop small enterprises and to create job opportunities, in partnership with the civil society associations; we, at BIAT, assure that we will put all our resources to assist Bader in supporting the economy of the town.

MP Fadel gave a speech, at the beginning of which he welcomed the attendants and the participants and commended on the first step that is undertaken by Bader in Tripoli, and that consists of organizing a training session aimed at helping young people who have practical ideas on the social and economic levels to launch and develop them. He said: “The success of this session consists of preparing an action plan based on studying the market, determining the clientele and their needs, and translating this idea, as a first step, and then, on the second day, studying the financing plan and the marketing of the project idea.”

He then added: “Bader is a Lebanese institution that strives to finance the commercial and commercial projects; and soon we will launch the Maurice Fadel award that will work on financing some projects. The association currently works on giving financial grants which value amounted this year to 150 thousand US Dollars. These grants were given to students with entrepreneurial spirit who wish to learn the way to launch these projects, and bring them to success. The association worked on six training sessions this year in all the Lebanese regions. This is the first time that Bader launches its projects outside Beirut and Mount Lebanon and focuses on regions like Tripoli and the North that need care and support given its hard economic and social conditions.

He went on saying that “we have launched, since a short period, the project of the Investment Fund that will enable the young people, with good ideas, to meet with responsible persons at the Fund and bring their ideas and projects for discussion.”

He concluded by thanking the Chamber for hosting this training session as well as BIAT, commending on the role of the American Embassy that contributed financially to these training sessions.