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Fadel: Lebanon's results in the Global Competitiveness Report are incentives for reforms
Published on 27/02/2013
For the fourth consecutive year, the World Economic Forum (WEF) launched in partnership with Bader Young Entrepreneurs Programme, the annual Executive Opinion Survey (EOS) 2013 in Lebanon, used as a basis for Lebanon's ranking in the Global Competitiveness Report.

President of Bader, MP Robert Fadel stressed that “It is vital that all executives complete the survey to ensure that Lebanon has reliable and accurate data in the Report”. He also expressed his hope that “Lebanon's results in this important world ranking would urge Lebanese governmental and parliamentary officials to work more seriously on improving Lebanon's ranking and competitiveness by carrying out the necessary reforms and adopting the legislation needed to address the gaps reported.” Fadel urged the legislative and executive authorities not to be passive, as they should promptly develop and implement short- and medium-term plans to address the gaps”.

In this regards, Fadel revealed that Bader will prepare two drafts to encourage competitiveness and innovation and will coordinate with both legislative and executive authorities to turn them into draft laws.

Finally, he said that “Lebanon has many factors of competitiveness, as proven by its high score in the fields of health, primary education, training, financial market development and quality of local companies. Yet, further efforts should converge on developing the infrastructure, ensuring macroeconomic stability, improving the institutional environment and encouraging innovation, all of which are fields in which Lebanon scored low grades, and which represent its main weaknesses.”

It is worth noting that Lebanon had dropped down to the 91st rank among 144 states in the 2012 Global Competitiveness Report published by WEF, i.e. down from the 89th spot out of 142 states in 2011. In 2010, it ranked 92nd among 139 states, knowing that this had been the first time it was included in the Global Competitiveness Report following the partnership agreement between Bader and the World Economic Forum.