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My values
My values, I share with all of Lebanon. They are simple, universal values, to which are good for us to hang on to when the storm sounds too loudly. Lebanon is a country all too familiar with these crises, which make us fear for our future.

They are the values of independence, democracy, order, of responsibilities shouldered and of fairness and justice for all. I live for a free and independent Lebanon, a country proud of its contribution to the Arab World, free of the foreign interference and tutelage that too often weigh heavily upon it.

I want a pluralist Lebanon, a country of coexistence between communities, religions and political views.

I want a reformed and strengthened state that guarantees the rights of all its citizens I want a state that embodies the fight against social injustice that plagues the Lebanese regions.

I believe in private initiative.

I dream that at last we will embrace our future. It is a dream that we can make happen together.