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Bader and the Netherlands Embassy in Lebanon launch the “Netherland Game Award”
Published on 11/01/2012

Bader Young Entrepreneurs Program launched “The Netherland Game Award” in close collaboration with the Netherlands Embassy in Lebanon. The competition, a premiere in Lebanon, is designed for the video games industry. Participants will compete to design the best playable game and win a cash prize of Euro 7500. Participation is open to all citizens of Lebanon and the neighbouring countries, and applicants are encouraged to work in pairs. The deadline for the submission of the concepts is set on the 1st of April, after which the jury will evaluate the game, according to its rules, manufacturing process and market outlets. Those who wish to apply may visit the Award page on facebook: Netherlands Game Award, or call Farah Shamas, from Bader at: 01/612500.

The Netherland Game Award was launched in a press conference held at the Riviera hotel, in the presence of H.E. Hero De Boer, Ambassador of the Netherlands, M.P Mr. Robert Fadel, President of Bader, and H.E. Mr. Nicolas Nahas, Minister of Economy and trade, represented by his advisor Mr. Roger Melki.

In his opening speech, Mr. Fadel highlighted “the importance of industry in the creative and technology fields, these being promising sectors in Lebanon, noting that the close collaboration between Bader and the Netherlands Embassy and the launch of the Game Award aim at supporting and developing these industries in the country. Moreover, Fadel considered the video game industry as perfect example of the combination between innovation and technology, two fields in which the Lebanese people excel.

“Bader will provide all means of support, said Fadel, be it on the training level or the financing level, in order to assist the entrepreneurs in the electronic games industry. And given the vitality and competitiveness of this industry, Bader undertakes to support the winning projects so that they reap not only local success, but also regional and international one.”
Fadel concluded his speech, by extending his thanks to the Embassy of the Netherlands in Lebanon, hoping to see similar competitions supporting and contributing to the development of the Lebanese industries.

From his end, the Ambassador of the Netherlands to Lebanon, H.E.M. Hero De Boer considered the electronic games industry as a serious sector, and the competition as an excellent way to keep the entrepreneurs in the know of the needs of the sector. He finally assured that the participants will be supported through master classes organized by Dutch and Lebanese Companies and Universities.

Moreover, Mr. Roger Melki delivered a speech, highlighting that “the Government and namely the Ministry of Economy encourage all initiatives of development, and consider that activities based on knowledge economy are crucial in this field.”