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Fadel checks on the tension areas: we call for reconciliation and for turning the tough historic page
Published on 03/06/2012
MP Robert Maurice Fadel checked on the region of Tabbaneh shortly after the Lebanese army and the internal security forces entered it on Saturday morning; he checked the damages generated by the armed confrontations and listened to the concerns of the citizens.

During his tour, MP Fadel stressed the importance of complete cooperation with all the security forces that entered the city upon the request of the conflicting parties and the request of the citizens in controlling the security situation, putting an end to all aspects of armed conflicts and making the wheel of life turn again in Tabbaneh, Al Kobbeh, Jabal Mohsen and Mankoubin.

Fadel said that the security measures taken in order to control the security situation should not be a mere truce, noting the necessity of supporting these security measures in the poor cities with developmental initiatives so that the citizens would not feel abandoned and that the state is by their side and understanding their problems.

Fadel confirmed that it is unacceptable to keep this wound open from now on. “We should work on a real reconciliation”, he said, “in all its aspects, and speed up the process of forming a follow-up committee composed of Tabbaneh, Kobbeh and Jabal Mohsen, joining a number of officials from the government and the parliament, translating practically the bases of reconciliation that were set in 2009 at the residence of Mufti Malek el Shaar, and that we hope would turn for good this tough historic page of Tripoli.”

Fadel also called all the politicians to let down their narrow interests and not look into any security event from electoral angles because doing so would lead to paralyzing the political work and to destroying the country.

Fadel concluded by calling the Prime Minister and the leaderships of the city to visit the regions of Tabbaneh after these events to follow all the steps and measures taken on the security and the development levels and to confirm the complete seriousness in treating this file.