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Maurice Fadel Prize for the best business plan in Northern Lebanon celebrates its 2nd Award Ceremony – 4 Prizes worth LBP 72,5 million and a song for the youth
Published on 10/05/2012

The results of the 2nd Maurice Fadel Prize competition for the best business plan in Northern Lebanon have been announced in an exceptional event held at Rachid Karami International Fair in Tripoli.

The Award ceremony was attended by a large number of eminent and political figures, namely Dr. Abdul Ilah Mikati, representing H.E. Prime Minister Najib Mikati, Minister Raya El Hassan, representing both Presidents Saad Hariri and Fouad Siniora, Minister Ahmad Fatfat, representatives of ministers Faysal Karame, Mohamad Safadi and Nkoula Nahas, along with deputies Robert Fadel, Badr Wannous, Dr. Kassem Abdel Aziz, Khodr Habib, Mouin Merhbi and Nidal Tohme, in addition to the representative of MP Samer Saade, and MP Mosbah El Ahdab represented by his spouse. Were also present the Mufti of Tripoli and the North, Sheikh Malek Al Chaar, the Maronite archbishop of Tripoli Mgr. Georges Abou Jaoude, and the Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Tripoli Mgr Afram Kiriakos represented by father Gebrayel Yakoumi, the vice governor of the Central Bank, Dr. Saad Andari, General Achraf Rifi represented by his spouse, the secretary general of the Chamber of Trade and Commerce in the North Mr. Toufic Dabboussy, the President of the Union of Al Fayhaa Municipalities Dr. Nader Al Ghazal, the Presidents of the Municipalities of Al Minaa Ambassador Mohamad Issa, Al baddawi Hassan Ghamrawi and Al Kalamoun Talal Dankar, in addition to the musician Khaled Mouzannar and a number of general directors and guests.

In her opening speech, Mrs. Hala Fadel addressed the youth, saying: “Your aspirations and dreams can come true with Maurice Fadel Prize, which commemorates the life of a self-made man. These projects, she said, are designed for all Tripoli citizens and are intended to change the prevailing image of the city and draw a better image closer to the one we dream of. It is up to us to change this reality and that is why we’re lighting a candle today instead of cursing the darkness.

Then, a song entitled “Yalla” featuring both singers Melhem Zein and Viviane Mrad, has been performed with a youth choir and a musical show that added a lively ambiance. It is worth noting that the song written by Mounir El Zend and composed and arranged by Sarkis Aziz has been produced by Maurice Fadel Prize foundation, with the aim of encouraging the young generation to take the initiative and change the reality.

The song was followed by a documentary shedding light on the preparations preceding this year’s competition, and featuring the success stories of last year’s winning teams who had the opportunity to step into the world of entreneurship and start up their businesses in the North with the support of Maurice Fadel Prize.

Then a chitchat took place among Dr. Saad Andary, the Secretary general of the Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Dabboussy, Artist Khaled Mouzannar and Maurice Fadel Prize board members as well as jury members Messrs Omar Hallab, Asmaa Zein, Salam Yamout, Fadia Alam and Khalil Attieh.

After the qualified teams presented their projects, the results have been announced: both Green Ways project, which will be established in Tripoli, and House of Zejd in Akkar ranked first, winning the valuable prize of LBP 50 million. The Water system project ranked second with LBP 15 million, whereas Earth Tipping Point won the third prize worth LBP 7,5 million. In addition, both projects Maison de Jeunesse du Liban Nord and Ibrahim Hydro Electric Plant benefited from the support of Jury as to ensuring a center to launch the projects and connect them with donor parties.

Finally, MP Robert Fadel delivered a speech whereby he considered Maurice Fadel prize as the door for development in the North and for the liberation of the new generations from dependency. He added: “we are celebrating today the youth talents, dreams and hope. This is the civilized and open image of Tripoli and the north, he said. We do not accept that our youth be abused by politics. We want politics to be at the service of the citizens. Concluding his speech, Fadel suggested that the government “supports all these projects by offering the youth facilitated loans and creating a fund for the support of their capabilities, and I will be the first to contribute, said Fadel.

The ceremony was then concluded by “yalla” song and a cocktail reception featuring the best northern cuisine.