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Honoring the Mayors of Tripoli, Mina, Kalamoun, Biddawi and Meniyeh – Robert Fadel calls for addressing true development by providing youth with job opportunities
Published on 04/05/2012

MP Robert Fadel stressed the importance of freeing the citizens of Tripoli from political money, calling for addressing the economic and social issues and turning towards the projects that provide job opportunities for the citizens of Tripoli considering this as real and true development. He also unveiled an investment project undertaken by a number of businessmen from the region not involved in politics. He said that the proceeds of this project that would ensure five thousand job opportunities will be channeled to support some development plans. Fadel pointed out that the prize of Maurice Fadel, organized for the second year in a row, promotes entrepreneurial spirit and encourages the youth to create innovative projects. He also evoked the Tripoli Development plan prepared by the deputies of the city, which is supposed to ensure 30 thousand job opportunities, in the event of its implementation by the year 2020.

Fadel’s speech was delivered during an event held on the honor of the mayors of Tripoli, Mina, Kalamoun, Biddawi and Miniyeh at Faisal restaurant in al Mina.

Fadel highlighted the importance of the role played by the mayors in the public and social life and the social solidarity, reminding that he is at the disposal of the mayors to improve their situation especially with regards to social security and retirement salary, confirming that he is ready to submit, before the parliament, any project that would be in the interest of the mayors; he also called them to unite, and join efforts, preventing any political party from breaking through them.

Fadel tackled the issue of security situation in Tripoli, rejecting any paralysis of the town, cutting of routes every now and then to communicate a message, confirming that no one would accept making Tripoli a victim while politicians are busy with intimidating each other. “We cannot suffer anymore”, he said. “If politicians do not want to take part in the development of Tripoli, they should at least take their off it.

Fadel warned that some people are fuelling class conflicts, starting from the economic crisis, stressing the importance of protecting social internal peace, and that “we can no more bear new burdens dictated by a class conflict promoted through electoral and political speeches that make no sense.”

“It is no more acceptable for Tripoli citizens to remain unemployed. There should be a minimal income for families; we will follow up on the project of the Ministry of Social Affairs in this regard”, he added.

Fadel said that it is unacceptable for the political conflicts to paralyze the municipality of Tripoli, noting that he has no objection over replacing the head of the municipality if it was agreed upon this. However, as long as there is no consensus, let the president of the municipality get the chance to work and produce, and let everybody take their hands off the municipality.

Fadel highlighted the importance of upgrading the image of Tripoli noting that organizing a car-free day has had a positive impact and will therefore become an annual event; Furthermore, the Maurice Fadel prize that will be awarded yearly had the same effect; Tripoli is looking forward to the opening of a social center that gathers the citizens of Al Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen, announcing the launching of public and private investment projects that would ensure job opportunities; he also called for changing the point of view of the government towards Tripoli that does not need an infrastructure as much as it needs job opportunities that help its citizens face the burdens of life.

Fadel concluded by reminding that Tripoli is a city of openness. It is not Kandahar and we would never accept that it becomes so, especially that it has a new ambitious generation which capacities need to be discovered and for whom new horizons should be opened.

Thereafter, Rabih Mourad, the president of the Union of the presidents of Municipalities of Tripoli addressed a thank-you note to Fadel, thanking him for his initiative, and going through the new pro-mayors steps undertaken by the Union.