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The Maurice Fadel prize
The Maurice Fadel Prize bestows recognition on the best business plan developed in northern Lebanon. Endowed with a prize purse of US$25,000 dollars, it was founded in 2010.

Independent of all political and religious movements, the Maurice Fadel Prize Association was set up to continue the work of the late MP for Tripoli and former CEO of the ABC Group.

Maurice Fadel was a social entrepreneur. Deeply attached to his hometown, throughout his career and right up until the moment he passed away in 2009, he was an advocate of the value of enterprise and social solidarity.

True to these values, the Maurice Fadel Prize bestows recognition on innovative and creative business projects developed by residents of northern Lebanon, an area that suffers from severe economic underdevelopment. Ideally, projects should have a regional or even an international scope for development.

Encouraging young entrepreneurs promotes economic development in an otherwise neglected region. The Maurice Fadel Prize seeks to encourage business start-ups in the north to counter the rural exodus from the region to Beirut and beyond.

“Our long-term goal is to help the North once again become a dynamic economic hub,” underlines Hala Fadel, a member of the executive committee of the Maurice Fadel Prize.

Entry is open to any Lebanese citizen wishing to establish a business in the northern region.