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Fadel: Property burning is condemnable and shatters the image of Tripoli
Published on 05/06/2012
MP Robert Fadel denounced the burning of the Alawite properties in Tripoli, considering such actions as foreign to the customs and traditions of the city of knowledge that has historically been an example of openness and coexistence.

Fadel said in a statement: These incidents are highly condemnable and unacceptable, considering that they have been ignited by infiltrators sent to sow discord among Tripoli citizens.

Fadel added: The Alawites form an integral part of Tripoli community, and are citizens of this city. These acts should not continue, he said, and the security forces must promptly put an end to these violations, and begin investigations to identify the perpetrators. They are requested to reset security for the sake of the citizens, the security and the economy of Tripoli.