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Who I am

Robert Fadel was born in Tripoli in northern Lebanon on the 12th of January, 1970. His family has a home in Maarad, a neighbourhood close to the Rashid Karameh International Fair.

It was in Tripoli that Robert Fadel met his future wife, Hala Frangie, who was in Lebanon for a visit at the time. Hala comes from Zgharta, a town close to Tripoli and is fiercely attached to her roots. The couple have three children, Marie Diane, Serena and Maurice.

  • Education
    In 1982, Robert Fadel was forced to interrupt his studies at the Franco-Lebanese Lycée in Beirut as a result of the Israel invasion and the war that was ravaging the country. Along with his mother and brothers, he left for France where, after taking the Baccalaureate, he first attended the Institute of Political Studies (Science Po Paris) before joining the National School of Administration (ENA, Promotion René Char 1993-1995). Robert Fadel chaired the School’s Confederation of Alumni Associations, which oversees all ENA alumni associations in the world and later, he worked with Lebanese alumni to set up a Lebanese branch of ENA, to train the country’s officials.
  • Political commitment
    Close to the March 14 Movement, a political current that fought to wrest Lebanon’s sovereignty from Syria and served as an umbrella for the country’s liberals, Robert Fadel decided to stand in the 2009 Legislative Elections on the movement’s platform. At the age of 39, Robert Fadel was elected to be a representative of Tripoli.

    During his time in parliament, Robert Fadel has participated in the Finance and Budget Commission and in the Economic Commission.
  • Professional career
    Returning to Lebanon in 1995 upon completing his studies in France, Robert Fadel joined ABC, the retail group run by his father and which today employs some 1000 people at eight locations around Lebanon.

    Approached a few years later by Monitor (, the American consulting firm that specialises in advising businesses and governments, Robert Fadel left Lebanon for Monitor’s headquarters in Boston to work as a strategic consultant and to acquire work experience at an international level.

    He returned definitively to Beirut in 2003, strengthened by this international work experience and rejoined ABC. He presided over the opening of the group’s new mall in Beirut’s Ashrafiye district and resumed general management of the group. Since August 2009, Robert Fadel has been the CEO of the ABC Group.
  • Social activities
    In 2006, together with a group of Lebanese businessmen, Robert Fadel founded Bader (, an NGO that helps young Lebanese entrepreneurs develop their expertise and their projects. In parallel, his wife Hala Fadel set up the MIT Arab Business Plan Organisation, which has sponsored more than 3000 projects for start-ups throughout the Arab World. In memory of Maurice Fadel, who passed away in 2009, Robert and Hala Fadel launched in 2010 the Maurice Fadel Prize, which provides recognition for the best development projects in the region of northern Lebanon.