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The 14 March coalition
The political Platform of 14 March Coalition in 2009

Dear Lebanese!

At the polls, you will choose in around 80 days your representatives in the Parliament! Lebanon, as a homeland, people and state, as a concept, role and message, now stands at the crossroads of hard and fateful decisions between:

• A country always under threat or a final and secure homeland for all its citizens!
• A people manipulated by the whims of the interior and exterior or a people united around their fate and great causes!
• A pending and violated state or an inviolable and assertive state, a state for all and beyond all!
• A return to civil wars or a strong desire to preserve the essence of coexistence!
• The role of “arena” and “card in the hands of others” or the role of openness, connection and interaction!
• A Lebanon submissive to others or a sovereign, free and independent Lebanon!
• A decline into the abyss of underdevelopment or a modernity that embraces the future!
• A country where crimes go unpunished or a country where the truth is revealed and the justice is realized!
• Absurd deaths and wars or the message of life and peace in its ultimate meaning!

Since our dearest Lebanon stands today at these fateful crossroads, the way you vote will not only affect your general situation for four years, but will also determine the quality of your future for many decades to come. These elections take place in the middle of major changes, at the regional and international levels, under close inspection from the whole world! We do not live in a remote and isolated village; on the contrary we are in the midst of this great transformation! That’s why your vote is a duty and a responsibility: the duty to participate in shaping your destiny and the responsibility for the choices you make and the consequences they would entail. Your right to free choice is sacred; however you have a duty towards your country to choose properly from experience and after the sufferings you endured for so long!

Dear Lebanese,

Based on the above, we must commit to 12 fundamental fronts:
• The implementation of all provisions of resolution 1701 which guarantees the military neutrality of Lebanon and furnishes all necessary means for that. All Lebanese concerned have approved this resolution twice: in 2006 to end the war and in 2008 in the ministerial statement of the current government.
• The extension of state authority throughout the Lebanese territory, according to the Taif Agreement and resolution 1701 so that “there will be no weapons without the consent of the Government of Lebanon and no authority other than that of the Government of Lebanon.”
• The commitment to the Arab peace initiative which ensures the regional and international requirements for the neutrality and stability of Lebanon based on the principle of land for peace and the relevant international resolutions.
• The commitment to Arab common interests and Arab solidarity to face regional and international ambitions, because Lebanon’s national interest is naturally achieved in this context.
• The commitment to rebuild the state, on the basis of the Pact of coexistence through the application of the Taif Agreement and the Constitution in letter and spirit, towards a civil, modern and democratic state that guarantees equal rights and duties for all individuals irrespective of their religious affiliation, as well as the free presence of communities irrespective of political and numerical considerations.
• The commitment to a peaceful and democratic civil approach in political action, by rejecting internecine violence for any reason whatsoever and establishing a clear separation between state and religion, instead of coopting religion in politics, or establishing politics on absolute religious grounds.
• The commitment to the requirements of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon so it can achieve its aim of disclosing the truth and establishing justice, in order to consolidate Lebanon’s sovereignty and put an end to political assassinations and impunity.
• Close and continuous cooperation with the Lebanese Diaspora to provide an external safety net in support of Lebanon’s peace and prosperity.
• Working to ensure harmony between Lebanon and the international community on the basis of the UN Charter and international resolutions, rather than pushing the country towards a confrontation with the international community under sectarian pretexts that undermine Lebanon’s real interests and by brandishing tense slogans that are in contradiction with the Lebanese pluralism.
• Supporting the struggle of the Palestinian people, under the leadership of the PLO, in order to establish an independent Palestinian state on its territory, under the “two-state solution”, based on the Arab peace initiative and the renewed project for comprehensive peace in the region. This would render the risk of the resettlement of Palestinians in Lebanon a hypothetical one.
• The normalization of relations between Lebanon and Syria on the basis of brotherhood, equality and common interests. This requires the completion of diplomatic relations, the end of Syrian interference in Lebanese affairs, the demarcation and control of borders between the two countries, the resolution of the issue of Lebanese detainees in Syrian prisons and the dismantling of Palestinian military bases located outside the refugee camps and that are practically under Syrian command.
• Promoting Lebanon’s message of coexistence and cultural interaction by supporting initiatives aiming at making Lebanon “an international center for the dialogue of cultures and civilizations and a world laboratory for this dialogue,” according to the proposal of the President of the Lebanese Republic.

Therefore, the deputies of March 14 in the next Parliament undertake to work in all firmness and responsibility to achieve the above. March 14 coalition also undertakes to:
• Run for elections jointly and severally in all constituencies.
• Form a single parliamentary bloc in Parliament that includes all winners.
• Form a national council to ensure the widest participation in public life and in shaping the national policies of the March 14 coalition.
• Return to constitutional principles in governance and opposition, on the basis that the majority rules and the minority joins the opposition outside of the government away from the logic of disruption whether from inside or outside the institutions.